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Mayliz Paris
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
I'm 22 years old living in New York. I love taking photographs of almost everything. I also do a bit of drawing as well but right now I'm mostly into photography. I also write poems and short stories. I hope to travel and take more photos and hopefully make this into more than just a hobby.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Requiem For The Nameless Dead-Adrian Von Ziegler
  • Watching: My computer screen
  • Playing: Music
  • Eating: Air xD
It lurks within the shadows waiting
As a child it's your biggest fear
You hear it clawing at your closet door
You hear the growls coming from
underneath your bed
Your parents say it's not real
but you've seen it
You've seen its razor sharp claws and teeth
And tonight it's coming for you
You fall asleep hoping to see morning

Your parents' screams resonated
throughout the house
You wake up with your heart beating
out of your chest
In an instant the screams stopped
Slowly you make your way to your parents' room
You feel like you're being watched
Your trembling hand turns the door knob
As you're about to open the door
blood seeps from under the door at your feet

You push the door open and discover
your parents' mutilated bodies
Blood dripping from the walls
Guts everywhere
You cry hysterically
A growl comes from behind you
You turn around and there it is
Standing 6'6" tall with your parents' blood
dripping from its claws
You're too scared to move

It stares at you with its big red eyes
It reeks of rotting flesh
In its giant hand it holds a heart
It's still beating as it takes a bite out of it
Blood sprayed across your face
Tears start to flow down your cheeks
You close your eyes hoping it's all just a dream
Hoping when you open your eyes again
everything will be normal

Your eyes open slowly
It's gone
You turn around to look at your parents
and it appears in front of you screeching
You scream as it digs into your chest and
rips out your heart
You fall to the floor
Your body motionless with blood
surrounding your body
It stands over you with your heart still
beating in its hand

It devours it while making its way back to
the shadows
It backs away into the dark corner and
all that can be seen now is its glowing red eyes
Slowly those red eyes fade away into the darkness

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